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Interesting times onboard one of the Sunseeker SYM  50 Metre managed yachts right now as we take advantage of the winter period to undertake the complete re-power of this world cruising Superyacht in preparation for her next adventures.

Our technical team were asked by the owners to take the lead on this project and are currently working closely with the vessels crew, shipyard and engine manufacturer to ensure that this extremely delicate and challenging project happens within budget and on time.

The decision to swap out main engines onboard a yacht should not be taken lightly, several serious technical and regulatory matters need to be properly considered before pressing the button. Assistance from an expert team like Sunseeker SYM  is a must for anyone considering works of this scope.

Today, we are happy to say that step one is complete, which included the safe removal of both main engines through a VERY small hole in the side deck to limit impact on the vessels interior and paint works.

Follow the updates as and when they happen on the 50-metre project among others as they develop on our dedicated news page www.sunseekersym and we invite you to contact us here for assistance and/or advice pertaining to your yacht’s particular situation.